About Black Smoke Diesel

Black Smoke Diesel Performance LLC was established in 2009 by the current owner as a small, single bay repair and performance shop, since then we have expanded to the Four Corner’s area and have a full crew of passionate techs and service writers that encompass looking at everything we do from our customers standpoint and making sure we demonstrate that in the communication and work we provide. We are a full Diesel repair, performance, diagnostics, drive-train, and accessory shop. We strive to be your one stop Diesel shop.

Full Diagnostics

We use top of the line computers and programmers to help us when it comes to scanning your trucks software to search for codes and to generate graphs for the purpose of accurate diagnosis. We know this is a consequential step in what we do for the benefit of our customer’s and being thorough is crucial for the environment of our company.

Full Fluid Service

Here at Black Smoke Diesel we offer BG Products, which specialize in engine, transmission, differential, power steering, and brake fluids. With using specialty fluids, you will extend the life of your engine and drivetrain. We are a bumper to bumper full service shop.

Engine Repairs

Your diesel engine is the heart of your vehicle. With properly having a well maintained engine, it can last for many years. With many years in the diesel world, Black Smoke Diesel can help diagnose, maintain, replace, or even upgrade your diesel engine.

Preventative Maintenance

With the experienced crew here at Black Smoke Diesel Performance, we help strive to keep your vehicle well maintained and on the road. With preventative maintenance, we do a full bumper to bumper once over checking all fluids, suspension, and drivetrain components. Whether you have a daily driver, tow everyday, or a custom build, we make sure everything is done correctly and meets or exceeds your expectations.

Transmission Work

When it comes to your transmission, it sees a lot of use and abuse over its life. With transferring all your diesel engines horsepower and torque to the ground, your transmission will go out eventually. We can help meets your needs when it comes to your everyday use of your truck. Whether you have a daily driver, tow, race, sled pull, or at SEMA. We have your answer the right transmission upgrades and components to keep your truck up and going and to get all that horsepower to the ground as efficient as possible.

Electrical Repairs

In many cases, the electrical system of diesel trucks and diesel cars are very similar to those of gas-powered engines.

Improving MPG’s

Driving a diesel truck everyday, they can suck up a lot of diesel. Which in return can be poor on MPG’s. But we can help with that, with advanced tuning, air intakes, and exhaust systems. This can help increase Power and MPG’s! Unless your that heavy footed driver that can’t seem to let off the throttle… The only thing we can do is recommend more accessories and power upgrades! Yes you need a bigger turbo!

And More!

What more do you need know, we are a One Stop Diesel Shop! Anything you want for your truck, we can get.

Community Involvement

We love being a part of our wonderful community in Bozeman, MT.